Welcome to MAK!

Hello there! My name is Maggie Kantor (which you probably know from the URL). I started this website as a place for me to not only share my thoughts on life, management, cycling and lifetime movies, but to help people. I've got a lot of experience and education that I can't help but want to share with others.

My idea to become a consultant (or adviser or anything else in that basic synonym group) was born from a lot of different places in my life. I often find myself counseling others and see so many people with amazing ideas and so much talent, but they just don't know which foot to put forward first and they loose confidence in themselves.

A good friend of mine quit on a promising design business after being told she would fail by someone she trusted. No matter how much I tried to triage the situation, his words hung in her mind like an albatross and she could never shake his opinion long enough to trust herself with that particular idea. By ripping apart her nascent business, he set her on another path that I'm sure she will succeed on -- but what did the world lose when she changed paths?

I know so many people who are on the edge of starting a business, but don't know how. I see so many non-profits that have great ideas, but not formal documentation or plan for fundraising. I know so many people who just don't get good advice and take the wrong path or are discouraged from taking any path. My goal is to help people and organizations best display their genius.

I'm not perfect, I'm not Warren Buffet, but I am a good listener and I can help.